Volkswagen Oil change Services

At City Volkswagen of Chicago, our certified VW technicians can change your oil while also helping you navigate the often-confusing world of motor oil.

Join Us for Oil Change Services at City Volkswagen of Chicago, IL

Treat your engine right with high-quality motor oil and frequent oil change services. At City Volkswagen of Chicago, our certified VW technicians can change your oil while also helping you navigate the often-confusing world of motor oil. If you aren’t sure which type your vehicle requires, we can assist with that. Schedule your appointment online today and check our monthly service specials to see if you can save on your oil change service. Be sure to stick with the recommended oil change interval for your model, as motor oil can deteriorate over time, causing contaminants to build up, which can wreak havoc on the various parts within your engine. Don’t let your oil turn into sludge, coating your engine rather than lubricating it.

Oil Change Services Offered at City Volkswagen of Chicago

Our certified technicians at City Volkswagen of Chicago can quickly drain your contaminated oil, inspect the reservoir for any leaks, install a replacement filter, then add a quality motor oil to a level appropriate for your model. We can even provide high-mileage oil change service. Depending on your vehicle, we offer the following services:

  • Full Synthetic – Full-synthetic oil is specifically designed for use in your engine, using various chemicals and additives. It imparts benefits to your Volkswagen, such as improved lubrication, viscosity, and resistance to thermal decomposition. It is typically more expensive than the other options, but you will not require oil changes as frequently.

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  • Conventional – Conventional oil is derived from crude petroleum and has very little additives. It is also known as traditional oil because it has been used for decades in vehicles like yours. It is often the cheapest option, but does not have as many benefits.

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  • Semi-Synthetic – Also known as a blend, semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of conventional and full-synthetic motor oils. It is a good middle-of-the-road option, imparting benefits while being cheaper than full-synthetic oil.

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  • Diesel – Diesel oil is specially manufactured for diesel engines only, as it has different additives to improve lubrication.

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Volkswagen Oil Change Service

Indications Your VW’s Engine Oil Needs to Be Changed Soon

Is your check engine light on, or your Volkswagen vibrating when it is idle? Is your vehicle slow to start or making abnormal ticking noises? Have you noticed excessive levels of exhaust? These are all indications that your motor oil needs to be changed as soon as possible. The oil is likely contaminated or low in level, which we can rectify with our oil change service at City Volkswagen of Chicago.


City Volkswagen of Chicago, IL Can Efficiently Change Your Motor Oil

Join us at City Volkswagen of Chicago to efficiently change your motor oil with a manufacturer-approved oil. Routine oil change services can keep your VW car or SUV running as it should, requiring less frequent trips to our service department. Located in Chicago, Illinois, we also serve the surrounding areas of Oak Park, Des Plaines, Melrose Park, and Park Ridge. Schedule your appointment online using our easy scheduling system, and you can schedule your appointment on Saturdays if that is easier for you. We offer a complimentary multi-point inspection with each service, so you can keep an eye on any maintenance that may be necessary. Please enjoy our children’s play area, business workstations, and complimentary beverage and coffee bar, all within our comfortable waiting lounge.

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