Volkswagen Recommended Maintenance

To get Volkswagen-recommended maintenance services in or around Chicago, IL, you can bring your vehicle to us at City Volkswagen of Chicago.

Volkswagen Recommended Maintenance in Chicago, IL

Volkswagen provides a recommended service schedule, making it easier and convenient for you to know what services your vehicle requires at different mileage. To get Volkswagen-recommended maintenance services in or around Chicago, IL, you can bring your vehicle to us at City Volkswagen of Chicago. Our location is conveniently close to Volkswagen owners based in Oak Park, Park Ridge, Des Plaines, Melrose Park, and nearby cities. All services performed at our facility are done according to Volkswagen specifications and protocols. We recommend you only use certified Volkswagen OEM parts for new parts, which are available at our service center.

Volkswagen Maintenance Intervals

At 15,000 miles, your Volkswagen might still be in great condition, but it requires certain maintenance service to ensure it remains in top condition. In the 15,000 mile service, our team will perform tire balancing and tire rotation service to keep the tires healthy. We will also top off all fluid levels, perform an oil change, and replace the cabin air filter and engine air filter.

The 30,000-mile service includes all the services of the 15,000-mile service plus a few additional services designed for a Volkswagen that has been driven 30,000 miles. The additional services include brake pad replacement and brake fluid exchange to keep the brakes performing at their best. In the 30,000 mile service, our team will perform a comprehensive multi-point inspection of the vehicle, including a wheel alignment inspection. If the inspection service reveals issues that need attention, we are fully equipped to fix any issue with your vehicle.

At 60,000 miles, your vehicle has spent considerable time on the road and is most likely out of standard warranty coverage. At this mileage, our team will perform a few more inspection services, including an inspection of the hoses, belts, and brake rotors. If the rotors are worn out or damaged, we can perform resurfacing or replacement service for them.

The Volkswagen 90,000 mile service includes all the services in the 60,000-mile service plus spark plug replacement and inspection of all the safety and technology features of the vehicle. There is no reason for your VW not to be in great condition as you go past 90,000 miles, provided you get regular service from certified technicians.

Volkswagen Recommended Maintenance

Volkswagen Routine Service from Certified Technicians

At City Volkswagen of Chicago, we are committed to providing our customers with a smooth and comfortable experience at our facility. This includes offering our customers several types of complimentary amenities at our dealership. If you would like to book a certified auto service with us, kindly contact us via phone or use the City Volkswagen of Chicago online scheduler on our website.


Complimentary City Volkswagen of Chicago Amenities

We operate a Volkswagen service center dedicated to certified service quality with optimal convenience and customer satisfaction. We achieve Volkswagen-certified quality with certified technicians performing routine maintenance and repairs with genuine OEM parts in a state-of-the-art facility furnished with the latest Volkswagen service technologies, including diagnostic tools and computerized equipment. Check the specials page and then click to the online service scheduler to book your next appointment at your convenience.

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