Volkswagen Transmission Services

At City Volkswagen of Chicago, we can fix issues with the transmission system or perform routine maintenance services to keep the transmission working smoothly.

Volkswagen Transmission Services in Chicago

There are several components of the transmission system that need to be working properly for the transmission system to do its job, which is to transfer power from the engine to the drive axles. At City Volkswagen of Chicago, we can fix issues with the transmission system or perform routine maintenance services to keep the transmission working smoothly. Our facility is located in Chicago, IL, close to Oak Park, Melrose Park, Des Plaines, Park Ridge, and Melrose Park. Common signs of a faulty transmission system include a sudden surge of the engine resulting in high RPM, unusual noises from the vehicle, leaking fluid, illuminated check engine light, or sluggish transmission performance.

Certified Volkswagen Transmission Service

  • Transmission Inspection – Our comprehensive transmission inspection service at City Volkswagen of Chicago will be able to diagnose any issues with your vehicle. We perform an inspection of the external and internal systems of the transmission system depending on the type of transmission issue. The inspection might include a road test, pan examination, lift test, and other types of inspection services. Once the inspection is complete, our technicians will share their findings with you and recommend the required transmission service for your vehicle. For any new transmission parts required, we carry certified Volkswagen OEM parts at our facility.

  • Transmission Fluid Exchange – Do you want to protect your transmission system from wear and tear? Follow the recommended service interval for transmission fluid exchange service to maintain the health of the transmission. If the fluid gets dirty or thick, it might not be able to complete its function of lubricating the transmission parts. The lubrication allows for smooth and efficient movement of the transmission components. We can replace worn-out or contaminated transmission fluid with fresh fluid at City Volkswagen of Chicago.

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  • Transmission Replacement – To fix a transmission issue with your vehicle, we can either repair the system or perform a replacement service. Keep in mind that there are two types of replacement services for the transmission system. We can perform a rebuild service, in which we will only replace a few parts of the transmission, or we can do a complete system replacement. Our technicians will guide you to the best option for your vehicle based on cost, effectiveness, and reliability. Any new parts or systems installed in your vehicle will be factory approved and built to meet the high-quality standards expected from a Volkswagen vehicle.

Volkswagen Transmission Service

Volkswagen Certified Transmission Service

Book a certified transmission service with us at City Volkswagen of Chicago by contacting us via phone or website. We are open from Monday to Saturday for service and parts. Let us know if you need a pickup or delivery service from your home or office. We look forward to seeing you at City Volkswagen of Chicago.


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We operate a Volkswagen service center dedicated to certified service quality with optimal convenience and customer satisfaction. We achieve Volkswagen-certified quality with certified technicians performing routine maintenance and repairs with genuine OEM parts in a state-of-the-art facility furnished with the latest Volkswagen service technologies, including diagnostic tools and computerized equipment. Check the specials page and then click to the online service scheduler to book your next appointment at your convenience.

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