The Volkswagen ID.4: An Electrified Crossover for Your Everyday Adventures

June 7th, 2022 by

The ID.4 is a significantly comfortable car for both drivers and passengers alike. With a spacious cabin, standard heated seats, a large trunk, and a shockingly affordable price tag, this crossover makes your daily commute (and everything else you must accomplish in a day) legitimately plush. And the best part is you’ll never have to waste time at the pump as you’re driving around town.

On the outside, the Volkswagen ID.4 just feels electric. With clean lines, a smooth body, and an overall modern look, it stands out just enough while also maintaining some signature VW elements. On the interior, practicality is the name of the game. Busy drivers will appreciate the wireless charging pad, four cupholders for the two seats in front, and a nice-sized pass-through space below the dash for storage. For rear passengers, the automaker included climate vents, USB-C charging ports, and large, comfortable seats. With a low floor and high roof, there’s ample space to easily climb in and out. The cabin also just feels more airy and less cramped during long drives.

For many who choose crossovers over a larger SUV, storage can be a concern. That’s not the case here. The ID.4’s large trunk is sized to fit multiple travel bags, grocery bags, duffle bags, or whatever else you may be hauling (or storing). And with a range of 240 miles, you’ll be able to accomplish quite a bit before your next charge. On those longer days on the road, the included infotainment system makes it easy to enjoy some tunes while checking your charge status and adjusting settings for various features throughout the vehicle, such as the standard heated steering wheel.

When driving an EV, high-tech functionality is almost expected. With the Volkswagen ID.4, driving starts by simply sitting in the driver’s seat. The weight of your body turns the car on. To hit the road, simply twist the shifter behind the steering wheel. Once you’ve arrived at your next appointment, there’s a button on the shifter to park. Once you hop out, the car will power off. Steering and (if desired) one-pedal driving are also intuitive and seamless.

As always, safety is top-of-mind for Volkswagen. Safety features of the VW ID.4 include six airbags, a strong aluminum frame, and ESC (electronic stability control), which helps you stay on course while steering. The Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE also helps drivers stay vigilant and aware with self-breaking and auto and visual alerts to what’s happening around you.

 Volkswagen is no stranger to EVs. The ever-innovative automaker has positioned itself as a leader in sustainability solutions for decades now. The ID.4 is just the latest edition to its blossoming EV empire. Whether you choose the Pro, Pro S, or Pro S with Gradient model, you and your passengers are sure to enjoy a comfortable ride in a vehicle that can keep up with your everyday adventures. Contact City Volkswagen of Chicago to schedule your test drive.