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Is It Smart to Buy a Used Car in the Winter?

Chicago has been hidden under layers of snow and chilled with a blazingly cold wind in the midst of a polar vortex and as people were able to stay inside and protected from the elements, many cars were left outside to suffer. As one of the numerous used car dealerships Chicago IL, many people have called and asked if winter is a smart time to buy a used car. At City Volkswagen of Chicago, we believe if it is safe for you to be outside, winter is a good time to buy a car.

Better Deals

As you begin to visit used car dealerships Chicago, you will see that most dealerships offer better deals at the end of the year. In an effort to get more people into the showrooms, many companies offer excellent price incentives on preferred models of cars.  Plus, the used car industry is very competitive. Keeping people shopping and interested in your used inventory is vital to keep businesses open throughout slower months. The ensure sales, most used car dealerships Chicago IL will provide great deals to customers.

Year End Close Outs

A second reason why it is smart to buy a used car in the winter are close out prices on the previous year’s inventory. Most used car dealerships Chicago IL are looking to move a lot of inventory to make space for the next series of cars to come on to the lot.   This means that used car dealerships Chicago IL are making whatever deal they can to make space for newer, potentially more desirable inventory with upgrades and newer technology that made entice the next round of buyers.


When you live in a rough winter climate, it is easier to say, “I’ll get a new car when the conditions aren’t so rough on my car,” – meaning it is better to tough out one more harsh season on an older car than having a newer car endure winter.  But, safety in the winter is important. With a bit of snow on the ground, treads on tires that have worn down invite slippage and accidents. Cars that are less than reliable become even less so in the dark conditions of winter. Instead of risking safety, smart consumer purchases their newer cars from used car dealerships Chicago IL.

 Make A Commitment

Winter is an ideal time for smart car buyers to invest in pre-owned cars as they will save money and have safer cars. City Volkswagen of Chicago is one of the ideal used car dealerships Chicago IL.  Our doors are open 7 days a week.  Stop by our showroom, located at 5330 West Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL 60641 or call (773) 378-9009 for an appointment.