Volkswagen Transmission Service

April 12th, 2022 by

What is the Transmission System? 

Even if you’re unaware with the inner workings of your Volkswagen vehicle, you’ve probably heard your mechanic discuss the transmission system. The Volkswagen transmission system is the mechanism by which power created by the engine is transferred to the driving axels. 

The transmission system is highly important to the overall functionality of the car, and integral in determining the power of your engine systems.  

When Do I Need Volkswagen Transmission Service? 

Since the transmission is plays such a major role in the smooth reliability of your Volkswagen, you should notice pretty quickly if it starts to malfunction. The following are tell-tale signs that your Volkswagen needs repair. If you notice any of these in your own vehicle, take it in for Volkswagen transmission service as soon as possible. 

 1. Unusual Noises from the Vehicle 

Strange noises from your vehicle while driving is a very clear indicator that something is off within your car’s transmission system. They often sound like high pitched squeals, clanging, or unusually loud rumbling noises. This is common in older cars as the transmission undergoes quite a bit of wear and tear as it ages.  

 2. Leaking Transmission Fluid 

If you’ve noticed leaking fluid from your car, especially fluid very dark in color, you could have a problem with your transmission. Regular transmission fluid is bright red and should not be leaking excessively from the vehicle. Dark fluid leaking from the car is an indication that the fluid is either too old, or the transmission is burning the fluid. Both of which could cause damage to your vehicle and require Volkswagen transmission service. 

 3. Shifting Out of Gear 

Another sign of transmission issues is the car shifting out of gears without your control. This can create a dangerous safety hazard on the road and should be delt with right away. 

 4. Illuminated Check Engine Light 

The check engine light can be an indicator of various issues within the car, including emission, ignition, fuel, exhaust, and transmission malfunctions. Take your car in for Volkswagen transmission service as soon as you notice the check engine light illuminated.  

 5. Transmission Fluid Hasn’t been Exchanged  

This isn’t necessarily a sign of problems with the transmission service but should be addressed soon to avoid potential damage. Your Volkswagen transmission fluid should be exchanged every 30,000 to 60,000 miles for manual transmission, and 60,000 to 100,000 for automatic transmissions. 

 6. Burning Smell 

The last, and possibly most serious, sign of transmission issues is a burning smell. This indicates that the transmission is overheated and is a dangerous fire hazard. If you notice a burning smell, turn off the vehicle, evacuate the vehicle, and call roadside assistance to determine if the vehicle is safe to drive to a dealership. 

Again, if you notice any of these issues, we recommend taking it in to be inspected and serviced as quickly as possible. City Volkswagen of Chicago can diagnose the issue and repair or replace the transmission system to avoid any further damage to your vehicle.